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As Dönmez Clutch, the goal of human resources management, which is one of the departments it attaches importance to, is to develop HR strategies that support the company's vision. In addition, to provide corporate gifts needed to reach corporate gifts, to create efficient working environments and to ensure that they become employees with high loyalty among the main objectives. In line with these objectives, our human resources include talented employees in accordance with the corporate values ​​and requirements of the job description in Dönmez Clutch; provides training investments to improve employees' competencies and leadership skills; works to keep their motivation and commitment to the highest level; improves their performance with feedback based evaluation systems and establishes and operates the necessary systems for occupational safety and environmental awareness.


The aim of the program;

It is offered as an opportunity to gain experience to students who will take part in engineering projects for a long time as part time.

It will be designed as a recruitment oriented project.

It includes students who are studying at 4th grade or continue their graduate education.

The curriculum must be determined in order to do an internship at least 3 days a week.

What are the Required Criterias for Candidates to be Selected for the Program?

Having a GPA of 3.00 and above

To be able to continue the 11-month internship program

Good command of English

Preferably apply with the reference of the relevant department teacher

After evaluating the curriculum vitae of the students who meet these conditions, they will be interviewed with human resources and relevant department managers, and the positive candidates will be accepted to the internship.


How can I apply? It's easy to contact us: you can upload your CV, fill out a form or send an e-mail to i.kaynaklari@donmezdebriyaj.com.tr via the application page on our website. If you come to Çiğli AOSB, you can fill in our job application form with the tea we will serve. If we open a job job on career sites, you have already followed and applied. Whether you are comfortable, every application is carefully evaluated in the Donmez Clutch. Resumes that match our open positions are immediately available, while other resumes are available in our ability pool for the future. In the process of choosing to focus on protecting your privacy from the beginning to the end, you will receive an invitation e-mail with all the details about the interview. We have an application form attached to the appendix and you can fill this long but important document with the comfort of your home and bring it with you when you come to the interview. In this way, you will not be waiting for your arrival to our factory and you will be directly interviewed. You will not be forced to find our place with the sketch we will send.

Open Positions

Our experienced HR team, who has some information about you through your resume and phone call, will try to get to know you better in face-to-face interviews. During this conversation, you will have the opportunity to tell us about yourself, your goals, your experience and your potential if you are going to work in a new way. We will tell you your company with the same sincerity. In this context, you will be informed about our working climate, our core values, the profile of the team you are working for, and you will be introduced to the relevant department manager on the same day. We believe that it is only possible for both parties to make the right decision.


At the end of the interview, we tell you the next steps in detail. You can call us to share information about your nomination or to ask a question that you can think of. We are sure to inform you when it is certain that you will not be able to proceed to the next interview. If we can't work this time together, don't worry. You will then be directly involved in the process through the second interview step when another staff available to you is vacant.


If you are the most suitable candidate for our company and our company culture, you will receive an oral and then written job offer. While you are preparing your employment documents, we complete our preparations for you and you can start working on the first day after your basic job security and general orientation training. Thanks to the announcement made about the company and with your short resume and your photo, all of our employees become aware of you before you know them. You are welcomed as expected guests. Your orientation can take a month to complete. You will see that Dönmez Clutch employees are extremely helpful people who love to share information. In this way, you will adapt to your new task as soon as possible and do not get bored. In our company you are waiting for a long and successful career. Welcome!

Dönmez Clutch Human Resources Team


Customer satisfaction is one of the key elements of Dönmez Clutch's corporate identity. Dönmez Clutch, meet the demands of customers located in different parts of the world, in order to ensure the continuity of their satisfaction, developing, renovating, quality products are put on the market.


Dönmez Clutc's corporate identity and values ​​are at the forefront of its employees. We are very sensitive about issues such as occupational safety, training and development. In addition, it pays attention to balance the employees to spend their working hours efficiently and to devote time to their private life.


Donmez Clutch is committed to working with each of its members and business partners for a long time.


Each employee of Dönmez Clutch is seen as an individual of Dönmez family. Courtesy, tolerance and balanced work distribution are among the most important points in the family.


Dönmez Clutch is a company that respects people, environment and society and has responsibilities. It takes care to conduct honest and transparent communication with its stakeholders.


Dönmez Clutch constantly renews and develops its products with the passion of innovation in order to provide production in accordance with the technologies of developing and changing world. It continues to be a way of progress by analyzing customer and market needs and investing in the future.