Üretim | Dönmez Debriyaj

The production department consists of engineers, experts, technicians and experienced blue-collar employees. The whole team works in team spirit to produce high quality products. Dönmez Clutch applies continuous production method, makes the investments of machinery and equipment specific to the product.Technological innovations and automation systems are followed and progress is on the way of continuous development. Dönmez Clutch is producing its own brand and quality by combining flexible production understanding and more than 30 years production experience.


Between 150 and 1300 tons of Eccentric and Hydraulic Presses are available. Clutch disc, cover assembly, release bearing, flywheel parts are produced by performing spinning, bending, cutting and drilling processes to sheet metal. All mold and fixtures used in the press unit are manufactured within Dönmez Clutch.

Bench Count
Hydraulic Press 3
Eccentric Press 7
Straightening 1
Tempering Oven 1
Washing 1
Conventional 1

Bell type furnaces, normalization ovens, sandblasting benchs, automatic saw, induction benchs, fracture control machine, hardness testing machine, tempering ovens. The products are manufactured with high durability due to heat treatment processes applied to the diaphragm spring and cover products in the mold.

Bench Count
Sandblasting 3
Induction 2
Tension-Compression Test 1
Hydraulic Press 5
Oven 18
Trowal Trimming 1
Fracture control 1
Washing 1

Components of clutch cover, clutch disc, release bearing and flywheel are produced with Cnc turning machines, vertical machining center, milling machines, broaching machines, high-tech laser and argon welding processes.

Bench Count
CNC Turning 19
CNC Machining Center 4
Balancing Machine 4
Broaching 1
Lazer Welding 1
Conventional 3

Assembly unit consists of cover assembly, disc, release bearing and flywheel lines. Main equipments are hydraulic presses, automatic balancing machines, laser marking machines, clutch cover performance test bench. %100 performance control is carried out for clutch covers and clutch discs.

Bench Count
Hydraulic Press 14
Balancing Machine 3
Clutch Cover Performance Test 1
Clutch Disc Performance Test 2
Pneumatic Press 1
Conventional 1
CNC Turning Machine 1

All molds, apparatus and fixtures for press, heat treatment and assembly units are produced in molding room of Dönmez Clutch. Periodic maintenance of these molds is also carried out in molding room.

Our company has been aiming to design and manufacture all the necessary equipments within the production process by acting with the consciousness of keeping the quality above all else, technological innovation and human focus.

The mold unit is one of the most important units that make the most contribution to the realization of these targets. In particular, it consists of a total of 26 employees with two designers who are most affected by the technological change and who closely follow the technology. The unit has three vertical machining center, one universal milling machine, two universal turning machine, two wire erosion machine, three surface grinding, one cylindrical grinding, one sinking erosion machine, thread cutting machine, jigsaw machine and radial drilling machine.

Some important studies done in the mold unit:

a) Hot and cold forming molds: Progressive, cutting, punching, bending, stamping, ironing, assembly, steel forging, aluminum forging, deburring and calibrating molds

b) Casting pattern: Production and multiplication of cover, pressure plate, bearing, flywheel models.

c) Manufacture of apparatus and special equipment: Special apparatus and machines (turning, milling, drilling apparatus and fixtures, cutting tools etc.) are designed and manufactured according to the specific work piece for machining and the other production units.