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We Engaged Our Production Lines In Our New Factory.
01 Eylül 2020

Dear Donmez Clutch friends,

We are happy to announce to you that we engaged our production line in our new plant in Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone! In a short time like 5 months, we completed all the remaining works and legal regulations of our new investment, and within this period, we stopped production for only one month and moved nearly 200 machines and equipments with zero occupational accidents and put them into operation at full capacity in a more efficient and more advanced layout.

During the pandemic period, we never stopped taking measures to protect our health and our production process, so we constantly increased our strength and sales in the market, and we started to continue our production in our new factory in a way that is stronger than the old, new and full of energy!

While looking to the future from a more developed vision, from our new factory, I would like to underline that with the support of our board of directors we could accomplish such a good job quickly and by saying quality first. While giving you this good news, I hope to share with you our grand factory opening that we have designed for the post-pandemic period from here.

Thank you for your trust in Dönmez Clutch!

Stay healthy.

General Manager - Cumali Ertaş

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